Join the debate!!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Did you know that our government has decided to review how well - or not so well - music education and musical opportunities are offered up to young people in the UK? Here is your chance to tell them directly what you think!

1. What do you think about your music class in school? What’s the best thing about it, or how could it be better?
2. What kinds of music-based activities outside of school do you like to get involved with? What’s the best thing about them? Or, how do you think they could be improved?
3. Do you often have the chance to perform? If not, what gets in your way? What kinds of performance opportunities would you design for young musicians, and how would you let them know about them?
4. If you were Prime Minister, what do you think you could do to make sure every young person in the UK got the chance to learn an instrument or to sing?
5. Do you have any particular challenges that you face in your community or region as a young musician that you want policy makers to know about?

The results of this survey will be fed directly to the government so get on board the campaign now to keep your music education a priority - we will make sure your voice is heard! Tell your friends and schools to join in the debate by sending them this link, and let them know that all young people can have a say about their opportunities to learn and make music in the UK. It’s your creative future!