Working with Distressed Young People (Empowering Youth and Community Work Practice) by Bob Harris

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Written by a psychotherapist, consultant and trainer, this book provides a fascinating insight into the isolation and distress that some young people experience.

The information is presented in a targeted and accessible form based on theories ranging from neuroscience to attachment theory along with a solid understanding of group dynamics. The book explores these complex theories in depth, linking them to poignant and illuminating case studies which provide a practical understanding of the complex, limiting or destructive behaviour of some young people.

This is a good guide for those encountering such situations, both in an individual and group setting, which is skilfully informed by a blend of youth work, therapeutic professional experience and expertise. The book highlights the idea that attempts to help young people may be disrupted by unresolved attachment issues and brings insight into the way that they can act out the causes of their distress. It also discusses the vital foundation of trust in people’s lives.

This is a particularly good resource for those wishing to go into the youth offending area of social work or those who work with Young People in a group / individual setting.

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