New South East Bridge between Arts, Culture and Education

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

We need your help! From April 2012, Arts Council England will be funding 10 new Bridge Organisations across England to provide a regional lead and support the delivery of their goal relating to children and young people’s engagement in the Arts and Culture and to act as a‘bridge’ with the education/youth sectors and embedding Arts Award and Artsmark in that work.

Artswork is the new Bridge Organisation for the South East. Arts Council England has allocated £1.5m per year to enable Artswork to deliver the Bridge role, working in and through partnerships across the region to create increased access to the Arts and Culture with, for and by children and young people. Artswork will be working closely in collaboration with Arts and Cultural organisations, with local authorities, with those involved in education, with the voluntary and community sectors and with practitioners.

Our first undertaking is to gain an understanding of current provision, sector strengths and needs, areas of least engagement, and challenges and barriers. This survey is the beginning of what will be an ongoing conversation across the arts/culture, education and CYP sectors.

The Bridge role is a new one. With your assistance, we hope to identify the places in the region where we can have the greatest impact; to better understand needs and priorities; and to gain information about the opportunities that already exist for working together and sharing resources and expertise.

This survey is part of the intelligence gathering phase. The survey has between 20 and 30 questions; most are very quick to answer – a few might require some research about the organisations you work with or the numbers of CYP accessing the Arts and Culture.

If you would like to complete a survey visit:

The deadline for completing the survey is midnight on the 10th of February.

I realise that completing surveys is time consuming and sometimes difficult, but I can't emphasise how important this information is to us and how much we appreciate your time and effort.